The staff of BBC Radio 6 Music have been especially kind to our group. Late last week, their own Tom Robinson asked if I would review some up and coming UK artists, and quickly (in under forty hours), for the Fresh on the Net music blog. I said yes, of course. (If any UK (i.e., not American, sadly) artists follow us, you can submit your music via the same website, which you should do. )

Two interviews with us were published over the weekend. First came our recorded interview with PhillyCAM, which was broadcast live on 106.5 last week. Dan C. and I talked with Sean and Fergy about Time Without Measure and Child of My Sorrow.

Later, Last Deaf Deaf published a conversation Christos and I had a few months back. I was oddly formal as I talked at length about my favorite authors and the Geneva bible.

Many thanks to Last Day Deaf and PhillyCAM for inviting us to chat.

We're thrilled to be included in the upcoming edition of JUMP Philly/Grid (excellent, free glossy magazines - the best in Philly, by our lights). You can read the feature and brief interview below. Thanks to Alex, Emily, Charles, Dan and many others for their part in this.

JUMP article preview.PNG