A few months back, we recorded a set at a rehearsal space in West Philly (about nine people were able to squeeze in to listen). The lighting was manipulated, and the A/V recorded, by Soren Wagner. The audio was mixed by Daniel Kaplowitz. We're very proud of the results. Below is a video of “Iridescent”. You can watch the whole set here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6Hlzoz2FogYOLa_pENHsMaNTfSm-uadE

It's been an eventful spring and summer for us. While I haven't managed to post here regularly, we've been performing often. We had what I think was our best performance ever a few weeks ago on a rooftop in Center City Philadelphia. It was Beatles-esque, and also lovely given the dusky, 8:30 p.m. lighting.

Above is a video of "Out of the Lion's Den, Into the Lion's Maw" from our show last week at the subterranean Tralfamadore. For those of you in Philadelphia, we'll perform a set at Brewery ARS at 8 p.m. on August 16. The event is free.

The staff of BBC Radio 6 Music have been especially kind to our group. Late last week, their own Tom Robinson asked if I would review some up and coming UK artists, and quickly (in under forty hours), for the Fresh on the Net music blog. I said yes, of course. (If any UK (i.e., not American, sadly) artists follow us, you can submit your music via the same website, which you should do. )


Two interviews with us were published over the weekend. First came our recorded interview with PhillyCAM, which was broadcast live on 106.5 last week. Dan C. and I talked with Sean and Fergy about Time Without Measure and Child of My Sorrow.


Later, Last Deaf Deaf published a conversation Christos and I had a few months back. I was oddly formal as I talked at length about my favorite authors and the Geneva bible.


Many thanks to Last Day Deaf and PhillyCAM for inviting us to chat.