We're thrilled to be included in the upcoming edition of JUMP Philly/Grid (excellent, free glossy magazines - the best in Philly, by our lights). You can read the feature and brief interview below. Thanks to Alex, Emily, Charles, Dan and many others for their part in this.

JUMP article preview.PNG

Eric here. Like so many, I'm still grieving for my country, its children, the vulnerable and perhaps especially those made (more) vulnerable by the election results. I'm not in the mood to talk about art. About a week ago, I was feeling good. A Canadian radio program called and we did an interview, the second half hour of which was devoted to the dissidents included on our album.

There are white supremacists in my neighborhood flying a German flag above their Trump/Pence sign. To them I say, while I respect all humans, including yourselves, I will be louder than you. I will turn up my amplifier so loud that you won’t be able to hear yourselves think your bigoted thoughts. We will paint over your Nazi graffiti and we will paint our heroes, and they will guide us.

Opening for Rhett Miller (of the 0ld 97s), etc.

A few bits of disparate news:

WE\ARE\MIRRORS penned this nice review of our song for Fannie Lou Hamer.

We're opening (as a two-piece) for the great Rhett Miller, of Old 97s fame, at World Cafe Live this December 12 [link]. I've been a fan of Rhett's music for a long, long time. This will be fun.

Lastly, how's my DJ voice? We made our first ever Station ID for the University of Wisconsin’s WIPZ.

Show at NYC's Maryhouse - 9/23

Luke and I are beyond thrilled to perform at NYC's Maryhouse this Friday evening. Maryhouse was founded by the great Dorothy Day (pictured above); Dorothy lived and worked there for many years.

At this free, salon-type event, which starts promptly at 8 p.m., we'll talk just a tiny bit about the album (I may make a handout), then we'll perform most of it with just an acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

Let me tell you how excited I am for this show and how thankful I am that the great people of Maryhouse invited us. Maryhouse's address is: 55 E 3rd St
New York, NY 10003. Again, the event starts at 8, at which point there will be a brief introduction, probably given by Jane Sammon, then we'll be on.

Augustine Music Video

We're excited to share a new, beautiful and strange music video with you all.

Thanks to Tom Contarino, who dreamed up these dreamscapes. And thanks to Impose Magazine for premiering the work and for interviewing Eric about the album. You can find their words here:


Review from Wake The Deaf

We make art so that Wake The Deaf can write about it. It’s every artist’s dream to have an interested party approach their work respectfully, make an honest inquiry into it, then feel compelled enough to put pen to paper, to engage in dialogue with that work so that the two - the writing and the art that prompted it – inform one another in meaningful ways.

Journalist Jon Doyle researched the lives and documents (letters, books, etc.) that prompted the songs that make up our album. I could not be happier with his review. I am so pleased. [link]